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Lacey & Flynn Have Sex is a fresh and frank, all-access documentary following this inspiring duo as they ignite a new sexual revolution aimed squarely at couples, like them, in long-term relationships.  

Lacey & Flynn believe that in an increasingly uncertain world, sanctuary and healing can be found at the intimate heart of couple's own sex lives.


Too often droughts and dissatisfaction lead to resentment, adultery and divorce. Too busy, too tired, out of shape or simply can’t arsed!  Millions of us forgo the pure joy and contentment that’s just waiting to be tapped, for free, because frankly, booze and boxed sets too often take the place of good sex!  But look what we're missing...

This film has 360º access to Lacey & Flynn in the year their ‘Sex Elevated’ business empire blows-up! We’ll witness how they handle the increasing pressure of running their online sex coaching courses, we’ll follow them to the US as they're hosted by some of the biggest fellow podcasters and sex coaches in the business, we'll see them launch their own couples retreat, release their first book and at home as a family, raising their two young children and dealing with all the regular daily stresses we all face.

All this while digging deep into their own relationship and sex life via a weekly podcast where they do the deed live on air and talk us through it!  Vulnerable doesn’t come close!

What makes Lacey & Flynn different from all the other ‘sexperts’ and ‘TV therapists’? The answer is: they are living this work and practicing what they preach and they are happy to share their experience.

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